Singing Dunes Offer Solitude

There is something particularly appealing about sitting on the summit of a remote sand dune, especially at sunrise or sunset.

While there are many places in our desert southwest to do this, if you seek solitude, it is best to choose those that are closed to Off-Highway Vehicles, (OHVs), horses and sandboarders. The three that stand out to me lie within a day’s drive of Las Vegas, in Eastern California. They are Eureka and Panamint Dunes in Death Valley National Park, and Kelso Dunes in Mojave National Preserve. Read More

Bird Watching Awaits You!

When your schedule doesn’t allow you to visit remote areas, but you are still itching for nature, an outer urban trail is a welcome relief. My favorite lies within the Clark County Wetlands Park, where the trail doesn’t just lead you away from the sounds of the city, but also offers great opportunities for bird watching. Read More

Be Prepared: Hypothermia

Although winter temperatures in our region are fairly mild, hypothermia can be a real threat to anyone who spends time outdoors. Hypothermia does not require exposure to freezing temperatures. Prolonged exposure to wind and rain, even with air temperature in the 50s, can lead to serious trouble. Read More